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The History and Legality of Sex Dolls

In the 1700s, Dutch sailors invented sexual dolls while travelling they made dolls using old clothes. The Dutch have sold a number of sexual dolls to Japanese. That’s why Japanese also refer to sex toys “Dutch wives” “Dutch wives”, the word is still used today. 1930s – The very first type of dolls manufactured sex […]

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Is a Sex Doll Just a Form of Masturbating?

People’s opinions on whether a cheap sex doll is just a form of masturbating can either land on the positive side-an interesting concept, or negative side-another type of violation and an addiction. Scientific studies have shown that these fully customized and life-size dolls actually help decrease instances of sexual offenses. Some people just like to […]

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How to Maintain A Sex Doll Guide?

Lubricating We strongly recommend that you use a water-based lubricant every time you have sex with a doll. TPE care Avoid keeping your doll’s limbs raised or open for extended periods of time. The pressure applied to the TPE can cause tearing. Always keep your love doll on her sides with her legs closed. After […]