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Do not create pressure in any of her ports because this could cause damage to them

How can realistic sex doll use artificial intelligence? Meet Harmony 3.0 A Robot that has A.I. Super-realistic bbw sex doll that can replace an female companion. She now provides the warmth of a warm body and genitalia which can be removed and cleaned using the dishwasher. Harmony 3.0 is a sex robotic manufactured by Realbotix […]

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You can Own a Doll During Special Time

What’s up regarding asian sex doll during Coronavirus? Rumors suggest that they’re in popular, considering the lockdown restrictions like social distancing are likely to be in effect for a considerable period of time in certain countries. Given that the Coronavirus outbreak across the world has completely devastated economic activity, it’s fascinating that the cheap sex […]

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Outfits for dolls that are suitable for small dolls

Dressing your doll up is one of the greatest pleasures of having a doll. This is relatively straightforward on real-size dolls: one may simply use regular clothing for real women, although adjustments might sometimes be necessary to fit the flat chest sex doll‘s not-always-so-realistic body measurements. The situation is different for miniature cheap sex dolls […]