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QiDoll carefully provides customers with high-end TPE sex dolls, WM Dolls all use imported TPE materials and unique craftsmanship to meet the needs of each customer. Make your fantasy a reality at an affordable price.

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Why is WM Dolls the Most Popular Brand?

WM Dolls was founded around 2010 and is one of the largest manufacturers of realistic sex dolls in the world.

WMDolls has the most beautiful and exquisite pictures to date. They use only professional photographers for their shoots. Their photos are not processed by any PS.

WM Dolls has always focused on providing a variety of high quality, lifelike love dolls. Using the latest environmentally friendly material (TPE) and advanced and unique production process, the surface skin of the models is smooth and delicate and
Rich in elasticity, with general softness, elasticity and human skin feeling and visual perception.
Structured on a metal skeleton, they are strong enough to be realistic, but flexible enough to be manipulated to any position you can imagine.

WM Dolls allow customers to customize their sex dolls to their own tastes. You can choose the doll’s size, height, chest size, hip size, skin color, eye color, wig color, and nail color.
You can also determine the materials used to make it. This allows you to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

How Does WM Doll Unleash Your Passion?

WM sex dolls are always at your service. You can use it as you wish and let it fulfill your wildest fantasies. The following six points can make your passion blossom.

1. Realistic Feeling
TPE material provides you with an incredibly realistic experience. The skin of the love doll is as smooth as silk, and so are all the interiors. In addition, the body-safe plastic has more flexibility than other sex toy materials. In the throes of passion, you’ll feel like you’re with a real person.

To take this realistic experience to new heights, consider body heat or a recorded moaning insert.

2. Flexible Posture
Are you interested in playing the wild and forbidden position you’ve always dreamed of? Your WM sex doll is out there and eager to help. When you choose the EVO adjustable skeleton, you can enjoy any position you want. An upgrade even offers articulated hands, so your doll can hold you where you want to be and squeeze you.

3. Customizable
WM sex dolls look as natural as they feel. Each piece is made with beauty and realism in mind. Your WMDoll is sculpted to perfection and multiple customization options allow you to create your dream companion.

4. The Best Companion
When choosing a WM doll, you don’t have to worry about condoms, pregnancy scares, or pulling out. This toy provides you with a constantly available body that you can use in any way you want. What could be better than that?

5. Practice Makes Perfect
Because the WM sex doll is so flexible and realistic, it is a great tool for practicing sexual moves. Such a lifelike erotic experience can help you build your personal stamina and help you perfect your bedroom antics.

6. Easy to Clean
These toys have a quick and easy cleanup process. tpe only requires antibacterial soap, a little warm water and a rag. We recommend that you use a spray bottle with a soap mixture. Give your doll a little shower spray and gently pat her dry.

Before storing your toy, make sure it is completely dry. Clean the toy thoroughly after each use, especially after the toy is finished inside. tpe is hypoallergenic, but it is also porous. Regular cleaning will prevent any unwanted odors or bacteria.

Are You a Genuine Supplier of WM Doll?

We are the official supplier of WM Dolls and our close relationship with their factory ensures that you get the authentic WM dolls at a great price.

In addition, QiDoll’s excellent customer service team is ready to help you with after-sales service for your order.

All our WM sex dolls come with free shipping, discreet packaging and no duty fees; our team handles everything for you! All that’s left to do is to choose the perfect sex doll companion.

If you have any feedback on our WM sex dolls collection, or if you’d like to see styles added to the collection, please feel free to contact us!