Zelex Sex Doll Fulfills Your Quest for a Real Sex Doll

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What is the Zelex Sex Doll?

Zelex is a new brand sex doll manufacturer established in 2013. Headquartered in China. Has a complete design, manufacturing, sales, marketing service team. Aims to design high-quality sex toys to provide customers with a unique experience. Each of their products is hand-painted by an artist with realistic shapes and delicate makeup. The soft and elastic texture can achieve more sexual positions, allowing you to feel different sexual pleasures all the time. Also, QiDoll is an authorized supplier of Zelex Dolls. We are happy to be at your service anytime. Looking forward to your arrival.

Why Do Doll Lovers Choose Zelex Brand?

All Zelex Dolls are made of medical grade platinum silicone, which makes love dolls very durable and hygienic for long-term use. They can be used on sensitive skin too!

Zelex Sex Dolls are infused with softer materials on the breasts, thighs and buttocks for an immersive, almost realistic sensuality.

Notably, silicone sex dolls often use hard silicone tips that cannot open their mouths to keep hair grafts possible. There are only two access points, the vagina and the anus.

ZELEX combines traditional wax figures with 3D digital modeling technology to give love dolls the faces of angels and the bodies of demons!

The detailed finish of Zelex silicone dolls is great. The doll’s surface is imprinted with skin textures and veins, with exquisite makeup to give you the most realistic and extraordinary experience!

Zelex dolls offer you a variety of custom doll options, you can choose from 18 hairstyles, 4 skin tones, 6 nail colors, and even purchase different heads to match your doll’s body to make it more human and sexually satisfying.

Zelex sex doll has developed many ultra-realistic silicone doll models, and there are many more. If you are looking for a realistic silicone doll, you can’t afford to ignore this brand.