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Are Life Size Sex Doll Joints Too Stiff


Most sex dolls have stiff joints

Manufacturers love to give sex toys stiff joints. Many TPE sex doll owners use their sex toys to take photos. It can be difficult to control your new sex doll. To move their elbows or knees, they will need to exert a lot of force. It will pay off. You can keep the pose for her long enough. She takes amazing photos that look very real.

When your sex partner is a sex doll, stiff joints can make for some very hot positions. If you keep her in the missionary position and look at her in the eyes, her legs will wrap around your waist. You will choose the dog position if you enjoy looking at her butt. She won’t fall over if you hit her from behind.

Some sex dolls have more flexible joints

Sanhui installed welded bolts to the skeleton for the sex doll. The joints aren’t as stiff. Because of the lower friction, joints with nylon discs tend to be less stiff. This is also true for ball joints. These are used by manufacturers to make the piper doll easy to hold. These sex toys were extremely photogenic from the beginning. It is easy to pose them and take great photos.


Sex doll joints are bound to be loose

They will eventually fall off, regardless of what you do. Skeletal joints are subject to a limited lifespan. The cheap ones will not last as long as those that cost more. You will notice a decrease in the joints of a sexy real doll after a few months or even a year. Because one of her legs was unable to keep her seated, she couldn’t sit straight. The optional hanging kit can only be used for simple photos, but it won’t allow her to pose as well as she did in the past.

Benefits of joint loose sex dolls

For firmness and fit, loose joints are more beneficial. Her movements will be more natural and relaxed when you have sex. You won’t feel as uncomfortable if you hug and sleep with your sex doll more than you do taking pictures and posing. Many sex doll owners create a final pose for their dolls and make them into art.