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Is a Sex Doll Just a Form of Masturbating?

People’s opinions on whether a cheap sex doll is just a form of masturbating can either land on the positive side-an interesting concept, or negative side-another type of violation and an addiction.

Scientific studies have shown that these fully customized and life-size dolls actually help decrease instances of sexual offenses.

Some people just like to view this phenomenon as another form of masturbating because for them is a hot topic that needs to be repressed.

Others take it too seriously and want every single intimate part to be mathematically accounted for and regulated.

Only few get the opportunity to enjoy sex while they are still alive, but their last wish before they pass away is usually that all their sexual fantasies will come true with their new personalized love doll in the form or a sex robot.

The answer depends on which definition of masturbation you choose. In its simplest form, people might define it as using any object for sexual stimulation, but in a different sense, the term can also describe the act of stimulating oneself for physical pleasure. But does that make a flat chest sex doll just another tool for self-gratification?

We might use them for sexual pleasure without necessarily interacting with them, not their fault according to some experts we didn’t evolve to interact freely with avatars in games maybe because we are already potential social media addicts.

Some people would say that one is the other and some would say they are not but ultimately there is no clear argument.

There are arguments for both sides whether these dolls just becomes too repetitive so might as well just get yourself an human doll. But on the other side, these dolls might help consider widening one’s sexual repertoire.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and experience for whether you want to buy a sex doll or not.

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How to A Clean Sex Doll Guide?

If you bought the best sex doll, but you don’t know how to clean it after use, this article will tell you how to do it.


You need a work surface so that you can wet the doll. If you can use the shower, so much the better. Get some towels and cleaning supplies.

Clean holes-vagina, anus and mouth

If you use an orifice plate, you must clean it even for a few seconds. This means:

  • Rinse off any body fluids.
  • Irrigate with sports bottles. A special foaming cleanser will do. The same is true for mild soapy water solutions.
  • Use a soft bottle brush to make sure everything is clean. Finally, rinse things off.
  • Pat the outside dry. Don’t get the doll wet.

Clean the face of the doll

If it is not dirty, wipe it gently with a hardly wet cloth. Some people like to put makeup on their dolls. Use an oil-free makeup remover for this. Be careful not to use stained oil-based cleaners.

Clean the doll’s hair

If there is no mess, your doll’s hair does not need to be washed frequently. Simple shampoos and rinses work well. Many users prefer to wash the doll’s hair in the sink. Some dolls can even use shampoo in aerosol cans well. The good news is that if you buy a silicone sex doll with realistic hair, you can design it as you like. This is a great way to create various looks to suit any fantasy you might have.

Dry sex doll after cleaning

After cleaning, you should always dry the doll. Wet dolls may breed bacteria and give off a musty smell. Pat your doll dry, don’t rub her. Use cloth that will not pilling or produce unsightly lint.

Things not to do when cleaning the doll

Unfortunately, people made mistakes and severely damaged their dolls. Here is a list of things to avoid:
  • Delay the cleaning process: If microorganisms grow and multiply, your doll is ruined. No level of cleaning can make it safe again.
  • Immerse the doll in the water, especially the doll with electronic components.
  • Use any oil-based on or on your doll.
  • Wet your doll.
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What Other Interesting Things Can Sex Dolls Do?

You know that besides sex, you can do other exciting things with love doll, especially when you are moody and need some company. This section will teach you how to use your sex doll in other ways than the sexual behavior you might be interested in.

First, your sex doll can be used as your partner. The desire for company and physical intimacy can rise to an uncontrollable level, especially if you are single for a long time. You can reduce stress with sex dolls. You can hug, hug and sleep with a realistic sex doll and feel the company of your faithful partner. If you want, you can take your sex doll on a date. You can take them anywhere, go to the park, eat, anywhere you like. This is one of the fun ways you can use sex dolls.

Secondly, you can use your doll for art. Some photographers have done a lot of work on sex dolls. In addition, some fashion designers use sex dolls to test their clothing to understand what their clothing will look like when people wear it. Usually, these dolls act as a bridge between fantasy and reality without affecting social morality.


It may be strange to establish a strong bond with a sex doll, but if you want to connect and get close to a doll, you are usually encouraged. You can use your sex doll to relieve stress, as a companion, as an art, and so on. It all boils down to the use of sex dolls you need. You have the right to use anything as you want, just like any sex toy.