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Three Things to Consider Before Traveling with Sex Dolls

1. Different types of travel plans

How “ready” your travel plans are will affect how prepared you feel. Are you looking for a weekend getaway in the country? Perhaps you are visiting another state or country. If you’re visiting a country, you might want to rent a car or an RV. You can carry your favorite sexy irontech doll, and you can even have sex in a comfortable and safe environment.

You may also need to understand and read the regulations before you travel to another country or state. The 1998 Alabama Anti-Obscene Enforcement Act made it a crime to sell sex toys. You may need to make arrangements if you are planning to travel to the southeastern United States. You cannot also pass the TSA because countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and India have banned sex toys/dolls.

Depending on your travel plans, you should familiarize yourself and make sure to follow the regulations. You’re making the right choice, whether you’re looking for a recreational vehicle to enjoy a private, but enjoyable, adventure or a country that allows selective dolls,

Anastasia, our former doll client, traveled to the US.

2. Size of sex doll

It’s obvious that the size of your doll will affect how easy and difficult it is to transport it. Do you have a full-size or a sex toy torso? In most cases, your torso can be easily stuffed into your duffel bag and not get in trouble with TSA agents. If you have a large BBW sex doll, however, the bigger box may be necessary. Before you make any packaging arrangements, think about the size of your sex doll.

3. Sex doll added

Extra bells and whistles, like vibrators and dildos, can increase your safety when you travel with your stash. To avoid unwanted attention, you can keep sex toys safe while on the road. Additional features such as heating and moaning can be added to sex dolls and cause scenes. This is not what you want. you?

To be safe, discuss all options with your sex doll and take steps to mitigate any potential problems. This will not only save you embarrassing moments on your trip but will also help to clarify the mysteries of traveling with sex toys. This allows you to relax and enjoy your doll in a different setting just like you would at home.