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7 Sexy Sex Positions to Try with a Sex Doll

What are the benefits of buying a realistic sex doll if you do the same things and engage in the same types of sex positions with life-size sex dolls or transgender sex dolls that you often do with your partner? there is nothing! Sex dolls are all about the same thing – to explore your sexual limits. You have to try every wild and raw sexual fetish. So in this article we explore 7 intimate sex positions you must try with life-size love dolls.

1. Eagle Sex Position with full body sex dolls

If you are an adventurous person who likes to explore new things in bed, you should definitely try this pose. In the eagle position, you place a realistic sex doll on her back, then lift and spread her legs in the air. Then you hang over the sex doll, hips open but feet together. Bring the doll’s legs close to your elbows. Also, make sure your faces are facing each other.


  • This pose allows you to look her in the eye, which we think is romantic.
  • You can also enjoy deep penetration in the eagle’s position.
  • This position does not require any support or furniture.

2. Leg lift sex with a full-size sex doll

If you want to bang your silicone sex doll hard, the legs-up sex position can help. Put the sex doll on the floor or bed. Extend your legs straight in the air. Then you sit on your lap close to her with her butt facing your genitals. Wait for everyone to calm down, enter slowly from the back, and get ready to go.


  • The legs-up sex position gives you full control of the action.
  • This position also allows you to penetrate deeper and push harder.
  • You can also easily grab and feel her breasts in this position.

3. Bent over for sex with a full-size sex doll

If you are a man who likes to enter from the back, you will love this position! The bent position is relatively easy and straightforward. Raise the sex doll in a standing position. Legs together, bend forward. Stabilize your hands on the floor for support. Now all you have to do is stand behind her, take control and start banging – until sunrise!


  • This position allows deep penetration.
  • You can quickly switch between anal and pussy as much as you want!
  • You’ll see her sexy back and bouncing ass when you bang her!

4. Doggy Sex Positions with full size sex dolls

What should we learn from dogs? loyalty. What have we learned? Location! (palm)
The dog pose is one of the most popular sex positions among people. All you have to do is place the realistic sex doll on her hands and knees and keep her legs apart. Now you kneel down and sit next to her too. Enter her slowly. For more fun, bend the love doll more so her ass is up and her face is down.


  • Full control over speed, rhythm and shot.
  • Take a good look at her round hips and sexy back as you bang her.
  • This position allows you deep penetration and powerful thrust.

5. Missionary sex poses with realistic sex dolls

The missionary pose is one of the most popular sex positions of all time. Quite simply, you can dominate the action and provide maximum physical contact! Place the bbw sex doll on her back, keeping her legs open. Now you can lie face to face or drape over a sex doll. Enter her slowly, and move on.


  • This is a simple, easy, and fun sex position.
  • Maximum physical contact is allowed.
  • You can caress and kiss her full body sex doll while banging her.

6. Scoop sex poses with lifelike sex dolls

Like a missionary, it’s easy and fun to scoop with a spoon. It provides maximum physical contact and lets you enter from behind. In this position, you and the sex doll lie tightly on your sides, facing the same direction. Enter her slowly. When you go to bed, you can grab and kiss her tits, ass and whole body to set the mood.


  • Scooping is simple and straightforward. You can perform anal even if you are in the same position.
  • It allows you to feel the maximum body of the doll while screwing her.
  • You can kiss, caress and stroke her with ease while in action.

7. Kneeling unicycle sex position with full size sex doll

This position requires good physique or athleticism. You can enter from the back door using a kneeling wheelbarrow. Bend the lifelike sex doll forward and place her hands on the floor. You stand behind her, knees slightly bent. Lift her legs and wrap them around your waist. Get close to her and enter from behind.


  • Provide you with an exciting sexual experience.
  • Allow yourself to know her way more deeply than other sex positions.
  • You also get access to the anus so you can weigh in between the two.

In the end, the point of being brave enough to try any full-size sex doll is to push your limits and try all the wild and wild things you dreamed of doing as a teenager. Let’s start!

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Is a Sex Doll Just a Form of Masturbating?

People’s opinions on whether a cheap sex doll is just a form of masturbating can either land on the positive side-an interesting concept, or negative side-another type of violation and an addiction.

Scientific studies have shown that these fully customized and life-size dolls actually help decrease instances of sexual offenses.

Some people just like to view this phenomenon as another form of masturbating because for them is a hot topic that needs to be repressed.

Others take it too seriously and want every single intimate part to be mathematically accounted for and regulated.

Only few get the opportunity to enjoy sex while they are still alive, but their last wish before they pass away is usually that all their sexual fantasies will come true with their new personalized love doll in the form or a sex robot.

The answer depends on which definition of masturbation you choose. In its simplest form, people might define it as using any object for sexual stimulation, but in a different sense, the term can also describe the act of stimulating oneself for physical pleasure. But does that make a flat chest sex doll just another tool for self-gratification?

We might use them for sexual pleasure without necessarily interacting with them, not their fault according to some experts we didn’t evolve to interact freely with avatars in games maybe because we are already potential social media addicts.

Some people would say that one is the other and some would say they are not but ultimately there is no clear argument.

There are arguments for both sides whether these dolls just becomes too repetitive so might as well just get yourself an human doll. But on the other side, these dolls might help consider widening one’s sexual repertoire.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and experience for whether you want to buy a sex doll or not.