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How Do I Store My Silicone Sex Doll?

Many doll enthusiasts confront the same dilemma when purchasing a real doll. The issue is how to keep the actual doll.

Also, genuine silicone dolls aren’t like dolls that are blow-up. They aren’t able to be folded up to collect. As units, they come with an internal skeleton that can’t be smashed. For those who love doll collecting, it’s an extremely disturbing experience.

As a lot of doll owners are limited in storage space Consider purchasing the sofa box (>145cm) to house their sexually explicit dolls. When not in use place the doll inside the box on the couch and secure it. The sofa box appears like a sofa that can be used by those who want to relax. You don’t have to be worried about losing privacy when guests are in the house.

Apart from purchasing a sofa box, you could also put the Piper Doll in the bed. It can be used as a storage device.

Additionally, you can place dolls of sex in your closet

However, the most crucial location to store dolls isn’t only storage space. There are many aspects to think about:

  • Do not keep sex dolls for prolonged durations of time. The best way to store them is flat. Clean and break up the talc prior to storage.
  • Avoid wearing dark clothes while storing your doll, so as not to smudge the doll and create a mess to wash.
  • Do not squeeze when storing the doll long enough, as it can result in the doll’s deformation.
  • Avoid storage in areas that are dusty. Silica gel’s surface can easily become stuck, easy to transport static electricity, and is easy to become contaminated by dust. When dust is splattered on the surface removed, clean it using a damp cloth.
  • Do not use sharp tools or storage spaces that are rough. The skin of dolls is just as soft as the real skin.

You could opt for our crates as well as flight cases for secure storage.