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Differences Between Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls

1. You can tell if you are feeling

Dolls made of silicone generally feel heavier, whereas TPE sex dolls feel softer.

Of course, dolls made of silicone are also soft, however the price will be higher;

Thus, most producers of sex dolls are currently O-rated dolls that can be very fragile, however they are quite durable when compared to dolls made of TPE.

2. The texture is distinct from the color

Dolls made of silicone have more personality than TPE dolls with more detail.

Because this material has a little more durable and more expressive, it is better.

Certain artificial hands feature designs and features that only silicone sex dolls are able to demonstrate, and soft sex dolls aren’t able to do as well.

3. Separate yourself from tension

According to different theories, silicone dolls stretch up to three up to 5 times.

TPE sex dolls are able to be stretched between six and eight times.

So, TPE has better traction and more extreme motion.

Dolls made of silicone can break easily if not handled correctly.

4. Separate yourself from the weight

The dolls made of silicon of the same size have a heavier weight than TPE dolls.

How much weight you can put on it depends on the craftsmanship of the manufacturer and the materials used in the interior.

5. The price is different from

The price of the raw material for silicone dolls is an amount that is more than the value of the cost of dolls made from TPE.

The sex doll made of silicone are costlier than TPE love dolls.

6. The difference between aging and aging

Silicone dolls are invulnerable to high temperatures, low temperatures alkali and acid, apart from objects that are extremely corrosive.

Silicone dolls will not react with any substances.

TPE love dolls aren’t weatherproof and therefore aren’t the same as silicone products.

7. The smell is a clue

Silicone dolls are completely free of scent;

TPE Sex dolls come with a greater or lesser amount of rubber or added flavor.

If the doll smells nice but it’s not recommended to purchase it due to sensitization to scents.

8. How do you distinguish

Combustion is the simplest method of determining the difference.

If the silica gel is burned it releases white smoke that produces ash of white.

Like plastic, TPE emits black smoke as it’s burned, forming black putty.