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Do not create pressure in any of her ports because this could cause damage to them

How can realistic sex doll use artificial intelligence? Meet Harmony 3.0 A Robot that has A.I.

Super-realistic bbw sex doll that can replace an female companion. She now provides the warmth of a warm body and genitalia which can be removed and cleaned using the dishwasher.

Harmony 3.0 is a sex robotic manufactured by Realbotix which is a California producer of sex toys in the state of California. Harmony is an intelligent robot. She can move her eyes and head and make facial expressions and move her lips and lips, and even engage in conversations.

Harmony can also be completely customized.

“There are going to be a lot of other peripheral options and upgrades people can opt for.”

“Customers will be able to get a body equipped with internal heating, lubrication and touch sensors,” CEO Matt McMullen told The Daily Star

“Those sensors that touch will interact with AI to be capable of creating reactions through both sound and movement.

Technology is constantly improving and with time manufacturers create dolls that are more and more realistic . Credit: Getty Images

McMullen already has robotic cheap sex dollsthat are artificially intelligent available for purchase. They are slim waisted with big buttocks. They can even be able to orgasm.

However, the biggest drawback for these robots is their cost. A machine like Harmony costs about $8000.

According to experts in the field will drop in the coming years. We hope that sex robots will be accessible to a greater percentage people.

How can sexy dolls use Artificial Intelligence?

Harmony uses a sex-doll to communicate with her head, allowing her to become a personal partner.

The app lets for the doll’s neck, eyes as well as mouth, brows, and lets her select characteristics like affectionate, funny and jealous among many others.

If you have purchased sexy dolls, such as ALDOLL silicone sex doll, a free software named “Replika A.I”. provides a similar solution.

Replika A.I. can also be a virtual friend which can talk to you and replicate interaction as an actual human being.

The user must connect it to the Bluetooth speaker, and then place that speaker on top of the TPE flat chest sex doll.

That makes everything Replica A.I. claims, seem to be coming from the sexual doll.