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What is the Difference Between a Fixed Vagina and a Replaceable Vagina?

You will be faced with a dilemma when shopping for a sex doll: Should I choose a fixed or replaceable vagina? This article will help you make an informed decision about which vaginal love doll to buy.

It is exactly what it sounds and looks like a fixed or built-in vagina. A real doll’s vagina is just like a real woman’s. You can insert or remove a replaceable vagina from any doll by using a meat lamp-style tube or sleeve. The doll’s labia holds the tube in place.

Which is better? Our clients prefer to use built-in vaginas. However, replaceable vaginas can be easier to clean and replace. A built-in vagina is best if you are looking for complete authenticity. If you prefer something easy to pop after use, a replaceable vagina might be the right choice.

Replaceable vagin

You can use one of the items to replace the vagina. It measures approximately 20 cm (7.87inches) in length. It is ribbed so it feels better when you flip it over.

This is a quick cleaning option. You can take it out to the bathroom and then turn it over. After drying it, you can put it back on. When not in use, I recommend removing the insert from your doll. It should only be placed in your BBW sex doll when you are going to have sex. It is not easy to fit it in her body. I applied a water-based lubricant to the insert’s outside and then slipped it into my daughter’s body.

If you order a doll with an insert, your doll will have more space in its vagina. This is to allow for the insert.

It won’t look realistic if she has her legs extended and the insert inserted into her. The insert can be clearly seen.

It doesn’t have plugins.

But, if you close your legs, the effect won’t be there – even if it is inserted into her.

The insert is not visible, but the vagina looks great.

Fixed vagina

Fixed vaginas also called “built-in” vaginas look better when the doll has her legs spread out. This doll is 2.5 years of age. That’s why her legs look so worn. The insert’s inner/fixed vagina has the exact same ribbing pattern as the inserts.

The feeling is the same. However, the fixed vagina can’t be removed and put in the sink for washing. The vaginal opening is the same ribbed as the outside. You do not have the option to anal penetrate.

You cannot visualize if the vagina has been inserted or fixed if the legs are closed.

If you think about it, a built-in vagina looks more natural than a normal one. You don’t normally take a woman’s vagina out and wash it in the sink. When you are deciding whether to pin or insert, you need to consider whether you want the result to be as real as possible. You can either do a quick clean or leave it as is. Both options are fine. There is no right or wrong. It’s all personal preference.

You can also be certain that your doll will begin to lose a little bit of its TPE material after a long time. It can take years to see the results, but the graph below shows the 2.5-year average. This is why you can’t buy a new vagina for your realistic sex doll. You can still buy another insert if yours is damaged. I have one. It is standard and I can easily get in. I believe I am of medium build.

We have compiled a summary of the pros and cons of both options so that you can make your own decision.

Vaginal inserts (replaceable)


  • For cleaning, you can take the insert out of the sino doll.
  • A penis adapter can be used to access the vaginal cavity.
  • The second insert can be made while the first one is drying.
  • There are many sizes available.
  • It can be replaced.
  • It is the same outside as a fixed vagina.


  • The powder is required to insert inserts.
  • It can be irritating to insert while you are lubricating.
  • The interior is a real sensation to the touch.
  • Additional movement is possible.
  • Permanently immobilize the vagina


  • A fixed vagina looks more realistic.
  • Be more realistic. (The inner “chamber” for both is the same.)
  • It is easier to use if there is no “full erection.”
  • By opening your legs, you can reduce the tightness in your vagina.
  • The doll can be washed in a bucket or container.
  • To clean the doll, you can use a shower hose.


  • Cleaning your doll with a vaginal douche or a shower hose can prove difficult if it is heavy or large.
  • It will not be as attractive to buyers if you intend to resell it.

How do you clean a replacement vagina?

1. You can take out the replaceable vagina and wash it in the sink to make the vagina cleaner.

2. Real dolls, as we all know are private possessions. You should clean it after each use, particularly the holes. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Finally, they are easily replaceable and inexpensive. Your zelex sex doll can transform easily into a shemale if she has a vagina. You can easily get new features for your doll, as you can see.

How can I inject vaginal penetration into dolls?

1. Always clean your hands before you come in contact with the doll. The doll’s inside can be contaminated by dirty hands. This is a very important step and it’s good for your health. Wash your hands before you do this. Disposable gloves are best for vaginal inserts.

2. Prepare your love doll, and place it in your sexy room. A well-placed sexy doll will allow you to easily assemble and disengage the vagina. To widen the opening, you can place the doll’s legs outwardly. You can also lay your sexy doll flat on a blanket and gently lift her legs until they are at a 90-degree angle. Then spread them out.

3. Apply talcum powder to the vaginal opening.

4. Install your vaginal insert fully: After proper preparation, you will be able to easily open the doll’s vaginal cavity, insert the detachable vaginal and verify that it is in its original place for proper vaginal installation.

How to choose?

1. It all depends on the size of the doll. A 145cm sex doll will usually weigh 60.62 lbs (27.5kg). It is recommended that you choose a removable vagina.

2. It all depends on what you value most. Insert is easier to clean and easy to replace. Fixes are more beautiful. Particularly if you intend to use it as a photography tool.