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Silicone love dolls drying suggestions

Other options to paper towels include Tampons

While drying your doll, make sure you don’t rub your sex dolls with a towel, particularly if she has an ultra-realistic painting or a the smooth matte look. One good method is to gently pat her using the towel until she’s dry.

Be sure to dry your orifices of your cheap sex dolls completely in order to prevent humidity.

For drying her orifices it is recommended to use the paper towel method by folding several sheets made of towels in a circular or long rectangular form and put them within her orifices that are moist. Give the paper towels to soak up the moisture.

After a couple of minutes have gone by, replace the towels with clean ones and repeat the process. In general, repeating this process twice will dry the orifices on the bbw sex doll. But, to ensure your safety, you should do another round of paper towels, and then leave them in her orifices to be removed prior to the having a sexual encounter.

If you are using the paper towel technique it is advised to ensure that the doll is in a sitting position in order to draw the water downwards so that the paper towels are able to take it in.

Take care to stay away from her falling. To ensure your safety, sit her up in the area in the corner with her back leaning towards the corner.

Other options to paper towels include Tampons. Place a tampon in the center of the wet orifice , and allow it to soak up the water. Repeat this process twice until the tampons removed are dry.

Correct joint movement

To ensure that your QIDOLL flat chest sex doll live as long as you can It is recommended to be aware of how joints of the doll work and also how to correctly move and rotate joints to prevent damage to them.