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Silicone head mounted on TPE body of a love doll

The person who owns the doll will be able to have a soft and flexible body

There is a growing amount of TPE companies are now offering bbw sex doll. This means that the doll will come with the head of a silicone on the body of a TPE. It is typical to pay an additional fee of $200-300 for the cheap sex dolls. Below are some of the factory images of an flat chest sex doll with silicone head Misa and a regular TPE body

What’s great and what’s not about this.

There are advantages to this combination: the person who owns the japanese sex doll will be able to have a soft and flexible body, as well as a gorgeously intricate head (silicone heads have the advantages of TPE heads in terms of the authenticity of the specifics). The silicone head can also be less difficult to wash than a TPE head. Not to mention the fact that these dolls usually are priced at a lower cost.

However, interested buyers should take note that head does not possess an orifice, and is more difficult than the rest of the body, and there may be a tiny different skin tone between the head and the body (under certain lighting conditions, for instance, the head may typically be a bit more shiny that the other body). If you select a WM Dolls with a head made of silicone with tongue and uvula, the options of tongue + teeth kits aren’t offered.