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The 5 Best Tips for Better Orgasms

If you happen to have trouble reaching orgasm, here are 5 tips to help you have a better orgasm or the first orgasm of your life.

Watch great porn movies

Some couples find that watching porn together can improve their sex lives. It’s an easy way to spice up their sex life and women get wetter and more aroused. Plus, it can even help with arousal while watching porn, and couples watching porn stars perform in different sex positions will give them an idea of increased sexual activity.

Women are emotional creatures who care more about connection, hugs, and emotional belts. Watching good porn opens up conversations, people are always shy and ashamed to talk about sex, porn can spark conversations couples crave and offer an opportunity to share their fantasies. In the process, women feel more needed and more committed to having fun in new ways from the scene.

Not only can you learn more about your partner’s body by watching porn, but you can also know what causes and attracts your partner. It can lead to better orgasms and satisfy both of you with the techniques you learn from the screen.

Try a different location

You can definitely benefit from changing different gender positions. Sticking to a single position can make sex a boring routine. At first, it may be painful for you to try new things, but it is necessary to explore new sexual pleasures and have fun with your partner to keep the passion alive.

There are so many possibilities out there that your imagination may not have imagined. For me, Cowgirl is the best way to orgasm, I can control the tempo and decide how I want to orgasm. It always hits the right spot and stimulates my sensitive areas. If my partner could sit up straight and hug me, it would make me feel desired and closer.


Use the right sex toy

Thank God more and more people are becoming more open when it comes to discussing sex. We can talk about penis size, vaginal smell, etc. Sex toys are no longer a taboo topic, they are a great addition to spice up the bedroom, sex toys are so good and amazing that no one will be ashamed to buy them. Study finds that couples who use sex toys have more sex than couples who don’t use them at all more satisfied. I think 80% of adults use sex toys to help them achieve sexual pleasure, and with the right sex toy, it’s easy and fast to orgasm alone or with a partner.

Obviously, men can easily ejaculate and women have less semen than men, but sex toys can change that. Teasing her clit with a vibrator or using a fleshlight in foreplay will make her wetter and bring back the spark in love. If you’re about to orgasm, you can swap your dicks with a vibrator and your partner will still have fun until the two of you orgasm together.

Play sex dolls

Sex dolls have become a popular sex toy since the lockdown began. People who own realistic sex dolls see them not only as sexual partners but also as companions. Sexual relationships often tend to fade after being with the same partner for a long time. Bringing a sex doll to your bedroom and playing with your partner will take you to your next orgasm. Couples also find that if they like a threesome, it’s much better to bring a humanoid sex doll than a real one, and it’s a great way to have fun with other people without cheating on your partner.

Sex dolls let you explore your body like never before. Whether you want non-stop riding, he’s always at your service with his hard dick. With a real man, you need to care about his feelings and please him in the process. But a sex doll is a great way for a guy to have sex, he doesn’t talk to you, he doesn’t argue with you, he doesn’t say no to you, his only job is to make you happy.

Ask for more foreplay

According to the report, only 6 percent of the 8, 000 women surveyed achieved orgasm through penis-vaginal intercourse. For women, foreplay gives them time to “warm up” and get them into the mood. It also enables them to orgasm faster.

Orgasms are good for us. Not because they take us to heaven, but because they help us release stress. Most women need proper clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Foreplay gives you the opportunity to learn more about your partner’s body, what excites her, and what makes her scream. More foreplay, more lust she wants. Touching, kissing and oral sex are the best foreplay techniques to stimulate your partner’s physical sensations. If you do it right, both of you will be happy.

With the tips above, you can have your first orgasm.

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How to A Clean Sex Doll Guide?

If you bought the best sex doll, but you don’t know how to clean it after use, this article will tell you how to do it.


You need a work surface so that you can wet the doll. If you can use the shower, so much the better. Get some towels and cleaning supplies.

Clean holes-vagina, anus and mouth

If you use an orifice plate, you must clean it even for a few seconds. This means:

  • Rinse off any body fluids.
  • Irrigate with sports bottles. A special foaming cleanser will do. The same is true for mild soapy water solutions.
  • Use a soft bottle brush to make sure everything is clean. Finally, rinse things off.
  • Pat the outside dry. Don’t get the doll wet.

Clean the face of the doll

If it is not dirty, wipe it gently with a hardly wet cloth. Some people like to put makeup on their dolls. Use an oil-free makeup remover for this. Be careful not to use stained oil-based cleaners.

Clean the doll’s hair

If there is no mess, your doll’s hair does not need to be washed frequently. Simple shampoos and rinses work well. Many users prefer to wash the doll’s hair in the sink. Some dolls can even use shampoo in aerosol cans well. The good news is that if you buy a silicone sex doll with realistic hair, you can design it as you like. This is a great way to create various looks to suit any fantasy you might have.

Dry sex doll after cleaning

After cleaning, you should always dry the doll. Wet dolls may breed bacteria and give off a musty smell. Pat your doll dry, don’t rub her. Use cloth that will not pilling or produce unsightly lint.

Things not to do when cleaning the doll

Unfortunately, people made mistakes and severely damaged their dolls. Here is a list of things to avoid:
  • Delay the cleaning process: If microorganisms grow and multiply, your doll is ruined. No level of cleaning can make it safe again.
  • Immerse the doll in the water, especially the doll with electronic components.
  • Use any oil-based on or on your doll.
  • Wet your doll.