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Seven Mistakes to Damage Your Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone sex dolls are in high demand right now. As technology advances manufacturers are creating life-like love dolls that satisfy your sexual cravings. The greatest feature of the silicone dolls is they can put them into almost any sexual position and pamper yourself anytime you like.

You can also pick dolls that you like. You can, for instance, pick an Irontech Doll based on size or the size of your breasts, the color of your body, or the shape of their body. Making the decision to invest in sex dolls is an exciting and enjoyable experience on the planet. If you are planning to groom your silicone dolls for many years, it is important to take care when using them.

These are the mistakes that could harm your doll’s sexy image:

1. They wash dolls’ sex with rough materials

Clean and safe storage for silicone dolls is essential to use them for a long period of time. When you clean the doll you must be mindful not to use warm water or harsh substances on her body. Chemical shampoos or soaps to wash a sex doll can damage the TPE or silicone skin. This is due to the chemicals present in these products that can get through the pores of the doll and cause damage to it.

2. You’re not using right

Lube Sometimes, you require Lube in order to have sex with your beloved doll. However, using the wrong type of lube could cause the skin to fade, or even endanger the doll in the course of time. Use water-based lube rather than gel lube for silicone sex dolls. Try to avoid applying lube on a regular basis because it’s not ideal for the skin of your loved doll.

3. Make sure to soak the model in hot water

Dolls that are wet can get damaged and torn. This is why it is important to not put your doll into the water, particularly not in warm water. When cleaning the doll using a soft cloth, make sure you use a soft one using only water that is warm. Don’t bathe them every day, but at least once or twice per month is enough.

4. Sex that is rough can be enjoyable, but it can also cause harm to sex dolls

It’s true that you are able to make use of a silicone sex doll in any position, however any sex that is rough and sexy every day can harm her. Be sure to kiss her gently when using the doll to meet your requirements. Touch and kiss her as you would an actual woman you know.

5. The hollow breast is squeezed with greater force

There are three primary kinds of breasts for sex dolls that are gel-filled, hollow, and solid. If you own the best sex doll that has robust breasts, you can put yourself in it to a certain level without causing harm to it. If you are buying the hollow-breast silicone sex doll, be sure not to squeeze her breasts with a lot of force. The breasts will be damaged and the doll will no anymore be attractive.

6. There is no routine for cleaning the doll following its use.

Cleaning a sexy doll after each use could damage it. The reason is that bacteria thrive on the doll’s skin and cause damage to her skin. Additionally, the wigs made of silicone are prone to damage due to knots and tangles as they age. It is, therefore, crucial to clean the sex doll following use.

The next question is how to clean the doll that you love. For this, you will require mild soap along with warm water and the use of a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals on dolls that sex. After cleaning, place the piper doll into a secure spot in the right place.

7. Making a mess of makeup on sexual dolls

A few people love to apply makeup on their dolls in order to make them look attractive and attractive. Make sure to only apply the best quality natural makeup for the skin of your silicone doll. After you have used this love doll, cleanse the makeup using an aqueous cloth. Poor quality makeup could harm a doll’s face.