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Four Points to Make You Feel Better During Sex Doll Use

1. Pornhub Videos

If you’re looking to enhance your enjoyment more thrilling Why not try making a porn film with your girl?

Put your zelex sex doll in the same place as you see the actor in the film. Try to match the actions on the screen. You could make the woman you’ve always wanted to be!

Let your imagination and intuition run wild and you’ll be at the summit!

2. Sexy clothing

If you are a fan of sexy clothes You’ll love to dress your sexy girl in flattering clothes jewelry, lingerie, or even jewelry.

A lot of sellers sell clothes for their dolls. Take a look for clothes available for your doll.

If you are unable to find an online site to purchase dolls, many stores for clothing will also. Many online stores will list sizes for each size.

Be aware that the size of women’s S (or different sizes) differs between stores. It can be a hassle to adjust the dresser and can be a problem, but that’s an issue for another post It’s important to make sure whether your sino doll is the correct size.

Beware of buying items that are too expensive or synthetic, and also beware of wearing dark clothes. The color may cause damage to the skin of the doll, especially when it’s made from TPE, which rubs easily.

3. Perfume

Perfume is among the sexiest things women can put on So why not put some sexy scent on your lover as well?

Avoid spraying directly onto the skin to be safe from injuries. Instead, you should spray your hair and clothes with perfume to make them last longer!

4. Hair Regularly

Cleanse your wig of a sex doll. If they’re synthetic, they can be cleaned with detergent or shampoo and preferred with a softener to condition the wig.

But make sure to wash them often – only when they become too tangled, and you absolutely need to!

Like changing clothes changing hairstyles for WM dolls is a fun thing to do. If you’re looking to mix it up and variety, you can purchase several wigs of various lengths and colors and it will completely alter the look of your doll!