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The Best Positions for Sex with a Sex Doll


If you are using the sex doll from zelex at first, you could be extremely embarrassed. It’s possible she looks nice however she isn’t and does not like to follow your commands or follow you around. You must determine the issue for you and your partner.

Of course, the thing that can make this difficult is that sex dolls are known to be quite heavy. It’s all about weight, so it’s not easy to be able to do it easily.

Additionally, the doll can be placed in nearly every position that a human would like. Some of them are even more flexible than the actual girls available.

It is possible to determine which ones are the most effective by experimenting with both intentional and accidental mistakes. Here are some suggestions to follow:


The Missionary position is among the most favored female sex position, and doll play isn’t an exception. Many puppet owners prefer this position. this is their first option due to the fact that it puts the least strain on the puppets and, of course, it’s simple!

Select a flat, level surface and then place your cheap sex doll back, with her legs laid out.

Say I’m bored. I could choose to sleep or at the very least a couch. Soft surfaces are always more comfy and safe for your doll.

If you’re fixing onto the floor or playing table, go ahead however, make sure that there’s nothing that cuts the skin of your doll.

This panel is based on your individual experience and personal preferences. Consider how far you are able to stretch her legs and how far you can extend them, and what the perfect angle should be. The challenge is part of the enjoyment!


Spoons are the 2nd most popular sex posture among doll owners. It doesn’t put you or the doll down and is easy to lock in. Should your doll be on the larger S it’s a blessing.

They are typically ones with bigger curves. The spoon’s position can also allow you to touch her gorgeous breasts.

Dog style

Doggy styles are easy to put together But be careful not to place too high stress on the joints of your doll.

As an example, you’re not putting your hand weight onto her. Move her to forward a bit more to ensure she is resting on a flared elbow or the breast. Add a few pillows to provide assistance.

When you enter your doll’s vagina using this posture, you’ll reduce a couple of inches of depth. However, this is dependent on the flexibility of the waistline is real. If you’re a hard tooth (spoken) then go for the mouth with an anal.

Turn around

It’s quite similar to the doggy style where you put your piper doll on the top of a table or similar, and then take her into the space from behind. This is the best method to use if your doll is sexy.

It is also possible to wear different shoes for the doll. This is very sexy, and can make her look larger. The majority of dolls are small and can pose difficulty for tall guys. Writing paragraphs can aid in this.


It’s hilarious, but also very sexually explicit. In the end, you’ve done everything. You also need to possess the endurance to lift 50 pounds upwards and downwards.

Make sure not to harm your partner You don’t want all the weight to fall onto your intimates. I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed reading this.

I have to admit, cowgirls do exist. The best. view.

Boobs are real-life bounces, and we enjoy boobs bouncing around! If you’d like to have the same look, you’d better train.

Blowjob pose

If you’re a fan of oral sex, we can ensure two positions for your irontech doll.

Set your puppet on the side of the front of you. The easiest method is to put them on the (Berlin) mattress. The best method for doing this is to place her back and place her legs kneeling in a position, and then lower her down on the ground.

Set the doll on the bacon belt and then bend her neck and waist as much as is feasible. Slide them under with their heads resting on (Berlin) your lap of yours.