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Final Tips for Silicone love dol

Don’t leave your doll in a pose when you’re away since the pressure applied to the Silicone over a longer period, can cause tears. If you’re not using the cheap sex dolls take her back in a neutral position with her arms to their sides and her legs in a closed position while her upper body is straight.

You can safely keep a doll in a standing position but, you must pose her in a way that she leans against the walls (a one corner is great) to ensure that she does not run the risk of falling.

If your flat chest sex doll is the ability to stand and walk, ensure that the bottom of her feet is fully in contact with the ground (not only the heel or only that ball).

Silicone is soft and can be susceptible to flattening or creasing when left lying in a single place on the hard surface for an extended period of time. Be sure that your doll is lying or sitting on a soft , smooth surface (the more soft the more comfortable) to prevent flattening or creasing. Another option is hanging her on an adjustable closet bar or suspension kits.

Never drag sex dolls around with her feet or hands. Always employ the “bear hug” or “arms carry” method to move your doll safely around.

Keep her away from direct sunlight.

Eyelashes are very delicate. They’re delicate and could fall off. If they do it is safe to apply regular super glue to glue them back in place.

Please don’t apply too much forces to your hands or fingers. Particularly, make sure no force is in the places between her hands and her thumbs.

If a specific limb is more rigid than others you can stretch the joint as far as is required to bring it to the level of the joints.

Do not use alcohol or products that contain alcohol included as a component (perfume typically contains alcohol in it). Instead, look for alternatives that are alcohol-free.

Use only the recommended products to care for your bbw sex doll in order to prevent damage her.

We hope that you find this article useful. We hope you and your partner to enjoy a friendship that lasts for a lifetime!