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Do I Need to Wear a Condom When Having Sex with a Sex Doll?

A lot of people might be wondering about realistic sex dolls when they play am I required to wear condoms while playing with sexually explicit dolls? Can wearing condom harm my beloved doll? What is the best time to wear condoms? What do I need to be aware of?

When do I have to make use of condoms?

If you have dolls that you share with others or lend to other people and you want to wear condoms every time you wear the zelex sex doll, regardless of whether you or the other person suffers from an STD. It’s crucial to know that in the event that you’re transitioning from doll vaginal to sexual sex and you’d be better off purchasing an additional condom. It also helps you stay away from different microbes that may result in urinary tract infections as well as viral infections, which could easily be spread throughout your body.

If you are playing with sex dolls on your own, using condoms is a solution to the problem of hard-cleaning sex toys. Who would want to spend an hour cleaning up after spending time with their female doll?

A mistake in the use of condoms could damage your doll!

Do you want to take your model to be as new? It’s not difficult to play with a doll even while wearing condoms. Since even the best sexually explicit dolls can be porous. Particularly TPE sexual toys, although safe for use by humans, however, they are not easy to clean after use. Because of the tiny pores, they absorb liquid as time passes. Particularly if you don’t wear condoms, the sperm you use to ejaculate may not be properly cleaned, and the smell may remain. Since sex dolls have a lot of folds on their vaginas and uterus, they could be ideal places for bacteria to thrive and expand.

The use of a condom can shield you from infections and also protect your real doll from getting exposed to biological substances. Keep your body safe from potential health hazards and ensure your toys are looking at their best, which can dramatically prolong the lifespan of your beloved love doll.

Which one of the condoms should you pick?

The first step is to select the correct size condom to ensure that condoms that are too small or tight tend to tear more easily while condoms which are big are more likely to fall off. A condom that is not properly sized can significantly affect your enjoyment of sexually explicit dolls.

Also, if your sex doll is constructed of TPE it is important to know that it has more pores, and is harder to wash and clean. It makes the most sense to utilize sex doll-specific lubricants, which are non-lubricated, and condoms that dissolve in water. Cleaning sex dolls is much simpler.

Clean after use

No matter if you’re using TPE sex dolls for sex or silicone dolls it is important to pay attention to cleaning them after each use, specifically TPE dolls for sex. They are made to be easier to clean and disinfect. If you don’t want to get bored and do grueling cleaning after having fun with your sex toys, silicone dolls are the best way to take it!