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Realistic Sex Dolls Let You Escape the Loneliness of Captivity


The coronavirus is a healthy background to love dolls, which were initially a way to combat loneliness and show more generosity through sexual acts.

The virus has been able to control some or all the population in many countries.

We discover through this imprisonment that many people live in loneliness and monotony. This situation has only benefited one industry: the premium sex doll industry. What is the answer? All of this will be covered in the remainder of this article.

The professional company on the stage. Many people buy sex dolls in order to escape the loneliness of captivity.

This is also true for doll sellers who have seen their sales increase by between 30% and 40% since the restrictions were implemented.

The increase in QiDolls sales is actually due to a slowdown in sexual activity, or a decrease in dating due to Covid-19.

New niche customers emerge. E-commerce has been a strong sector despite the coronavirus pandemic. The order is placed and the cheap sex doll is delivered to the customer’s house.

The discovery at our destination was incredible. The current trending customer profile is “men/women purchasing luxury love dolls as gifts for their partners or for their spouses”

Slowly, the cliches are being broken! This allows couples to have more fun and spark their relationships.

Suppliers of life-size dolls for lovers have stated that the lockdown could help increase the number of women who purchase real male dolls.

Not just customer profiles can change, but also the entire register. Demand is changing as well.

The online store has received many amazing orders such as B. Luxurious sex dolls with no genitals or animal tails.

Users also ordered WM dolls that had three breasts or personalized faces (e.g. something that resembles a living person).

One thing you can fix is that not everything runs as planned.

The virus actually disrupted the delivery of goods, resulting in longer delivery times than expected. We have lots of stock so we can ship as soon as possible!