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TPE Sex DollPosing & Storage

Keep her away from direct sunlight

Do not let your doll to pose when you’re away since the pressure put on the TPE over a longer period can cause it to tear. When you’re no longer using the doll take her back to her the neutral position with her arms to their sides, and with her legs in a closed position.

Keep her away from direct sunlight.

TPE is soft and could be susceptible to flattening and creasing when left lying or sitting in a single place on an un-porous surface for an extended period of duration. Be sure the silicone sex doll is lying on a surface that is soft (the more soft the more comfortable) to avoid flattening or creasing. Another option is hanging her on an adjustable closet bar or suspension kits.

Do not drag your bbw sex doll around with her feet or hands. Always employ the “bear hug” or “arms carry” method to move your doll safely around.

Soak your Sex Doll

It is essential to bathe your doll. Here are some guidelines on how to do it, and how to do it when:

In the initial cleaning process the best method of cleaning her up is using a microfiber cloths, detergent and water.

To further wash the soap and water cleaning can be replaced with baby oil. While baby oil can be used as a rejuvenator, it’s also an excellent cleaner for TPE. Use a microfiber cloth to apply baby oil and rub gently to eliminate the residue and dirt. (again do not apply pressure!)

Do not submerge your cheap sex dolls!

Only dolls that have non-standing feet can shower, but ensure that you do not allow water to get on the neck or head seam.